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  • “As an employer, what kind of questions can we expect?”

    To illustrate, here's some of our OWN questions we've received from job seekers about working at Jobverse:

    Recruitment Process

      - Do you hire for entry-level positions?

      - Do I need a Bachelor's degree to be considered for a role at the company?



      - What should I expect at the interview?

      - How many interviews will I have, and how long will they last?



     - How do you find out what a particular position pays?

     - Is there stock options?



      - Who is your healthcare provider at Jobverse?

      - As part of your health care benefits, do you have a flexible spending account (FSA)?


    Other Benefits

      - What kind of maternity policy do you have? 

      - Do you have a 40K plan?  Does the company match?


    Vacation/Time Off

      - As a new employee, how many days of vacation do I receive? 

      - Can vacation balances be rolled over year-over-year?



      - What kind of working culture do you have at Jobverse?

      - Does anyone on the team hang out outside the office?



      - As an employee, would I have one-on-ones with my manager? How frequent?

      - Can I attend industry conferences?


    Day in the Life

      - What kind of computers do you provide your employees?

      - Do you have "summer Fridays”?

      - Do you have a pet friendly office? Can I bring my labrador to the office?

      - Can I wear jeans to work?