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  • “As an employer, what are the benefits of job seeker Q&A?  Why would I do this?”

    Here’s the key employer benefits of Q&A:

    - Protect your employer brand – Q&A provides job seekers a stark alternative to employer review sites on topics like your benefits, culture, salaries, training, day-in the-life, interviews and dozens of other topics. Content that's employer-approved, factual, searchable, categorized, search optimized and in your brand.  

    - Improved candidate experience – Q&A is addictive, “sticky”. Job seekers spend a lot of time consuming Q&A content learning more about your company.  You'll see your page views and length of stay metrics improve after you implement Q&A on your career site.

    - Improved candidate quality – Candidates that consume Q&A better understand your company, benefits, recruitment process, etc.   

    - Better job seeker engagement - New way for job seekers to engage an employer (i.e., the 90%+ who visit your career site but don’t apply)

    - Social - Jobverse can push your Q&A content to Twitter automatically.

    - Candidate feedback – Employers learn what job seekers care about from their questions.

    - Recruiter efficiency – Great tool for recruiter candidates.   Recruiters spend less time educating candidates, more time recruiting.