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  • “Who at the company should respond to questions?  What kind of resources are needed internally to answer job seeker questions?”

    You're likely to want a cross-section of employees to help answer job seeker questions.  Your Q&A team might draw from the following groups:

    (1) Human Resources - the experts on employee benefits and training.

    (2) Talent Acquisition - can outline the recruitment process, interviews and salaries

    (3) Management - can speak to the strategic direction, goals of the company

    (4) Employee Ambassadors - can discuss topics like culture and what's a typical day is like at your company. You'll want a mix of roles and seniority to provide more perspective to your audience.

    (5) Recruiters - they sell the company to candidates every day.

    (6) Social Media - typically on the front lines promoting your culture through social media.


    On average,  a team of 3-8 employees can respond to job seeker questions in a timely fashion and build a robust Q&A site about what it's like to work at your company.